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Why grab&go is a winning concept in USA

10 Dec 2022

USA has always been known as a city of unparalleled choice and convenience — from banking to transportation, shopping to entertainment — accessibility rules the roost.It have a growing love affair with takeaway food, a market that supermarket and grocery retailing is only just waking up to. Takeaway is classified as any situation where food is purchased in one place and eaten elsewhere – from a humble weekend icecream to foodcourt meal, to a home-delivered dinner.

Changing lifestyles and work practices

The traditional lunch hour and nine-to-five working day are no longer the norm. The growing acceptance by employers of flexible working arrangements, greater entrepreneurship and urban sprawl into new commercial and residential areas are giving rise to new ways of thinking about when and how people choose to enjoy high quality or healthy meals.

Why grab&go is a winning concept in USA

Demand for variety

As tastes evolve, the traditional takeout options of sausage rolls, sandwiches, burgers and lunch boxes offered by chain bakeries, fast food shops, service stations and MTR stations are now augmented by overseas imports like bentos, Vietnamese rolls, burritos and laksa, not to mention special diets.

Demand for quality ingredients

Consumers are more discerning than ever before. They are happy to spend more on their food if they know that companies use imported ingredients, maintain ethical and sustainable supply chains and ensure their meals are healthy and freshly made.

Why grab&go is a winning concept in USA


Grab &go outlets are well-placed to tap into the surging popularity of the “create your own meal” concept, from burgers to salads and poke bowls to tacos. Consumers no longer want to be restricted to à la carte options.

Grab &go is coming into its own with a unique offering of freshness, visual appeal, quick service, value, portable packaging, healthy options and high potential for customisation. These aspects make grab-and-go a very attractive option that’s less expensive than dine-in meals, but just as enjoyable.

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Originally published 10 Dec 2022, updated 10 Dec 2022.

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