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Steps to Choose the Right Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Organization

28 Aug 2023

The laundry room daily washing and processing of cloths mainly includes guest room cloths, restaurant cloths, sauna cloths, staff uniforms, conference room table and chair cloths, curtains, guest's washing items, etc. Hotel laundry construction should be reasonably constructed to the standard of modernization, which is mainly reflected in several aspects such as appearance of laundry equipment, noise, technical content, durable materials, simple operation, low operation cost and small maintenance rate.

The laundry equipmentlayout design should make full use of the existing space layout, according to the requirements of the production process, fully consider the shortest fabric transportation distance and the convenience and cost saving of water, electricity, steam, drainage and other connections, as well as the noise and vibration generated by the operation of the equipment will not produce excessive impact, etc., for laundry equipment in the layout and installation.

Functions of laundry room area

Production Area: inspection and inspection area, washing area, drying area, ironing area, washing, drying, ironing and ironing as a whole dry cleaning production area.

Auxiliary Area: receiving and dispatching room, fabric room, material room, boiler room, air compressor room; power distribution and lighting area. Sewing area.

Steps to Choose the Right Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Organization

Step 1-Washing Volume Calculation

A known washing volume parameters for example a hotel quipped with 260 rooms(assuming they are all standard rooms).The guest room department open room rate assumes 100%, each room should be replaced and wash the weight(kg) of cloth and grass every day as follows,

Bed sheet 2.4

Quilt cover 3.2

Pillowcase 0.2

Bath towel 1.4

Face towel 0.4

Floor towel 0.3

Square towel 0.1

Cloth weight per room 8

If room opening rate 100%,total weight of 260 rooms 260*8*100%=2080kg.

Step 2-Dry Cleaning Volume Calculation

According to the data provided by hotel project, the dry cleaning capacity is as follows.Dry cleaning capacity of guest clothes: 260 rooms, 2 persons per room, 1.5 kg/person, 100% housing rate, 15% of guests need dry cleaning.Then the daily washing volume: 260*2*1.5 kg*10%*90%=117KG/day Total dry cleaning volume is: 117KG/day.

Step 3-Per Hour Cleaning Volume Calculation

① Water washing: Automatic washing and stripping machine every time to complete a washing program takes about 50 minutes (including the time to change the auxiliary machine, large equipment, change the auxiliary machine time longer), the daily wet washing volume of 2080KG, according to 8 hours of actual operation of the equipment working system.The number of washings to be completed per day is: 8 hours*60 minutes/50 minutes/time = 9.6 times.The washing volume to be completed each time is: 2080KG/9.6 times=216 KG/time.

② Drying: Automatic dryer takes about the same amount of time as washing and stripping machines to complete each drying procedure, according to the ratio of 1:1 to configure the dryer.

③ Dry cleaning: Automatic dry cleaning machine each time to complete a washing program takes about 50 minutes, the daily dry cleaning volume of 81 KG, according to the 8-hour working system, then the daily dry cleaning volume per hour: The number of washes to be completed per day is: 8 hours*60 minutes/50 minutes/time = 9.6 times.Each time should complete the amount of washing: 117*9.6 times = 12KG/time

Step 4-Laundry Equipment Configuration From INEO

Equipment Name Model Quantity (set)
Automatic washing and stripping machine XGQ-100F 2
Automatic washing and stripping machine XGQ-20F 1
Automatic dryer HGQ-100 2
3-M Double-roller ironing machine YP2 8030 1
Full-automatic dry cleaning machine GXQ-12 1
Auto Universal Clamp Machine GMJ-125 1
Portrait machine ZRT-1.0 1
Multi-functional ironing table DN-A 1
Stain removal table QZ-6 1
Manual ironing table XTT-A 1
Air compressor 5P 1
Garment conveying line SS-308 1

We calculate the required proportion of equipment for the laundry room, and then make the corresponding CAD design and layout for the whole project at a glance.The photos of the laundry room we configured for the hotel project and the resort project are as follows:

Steps to Choose the Right Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Organization

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Steps to Choose the Right Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Organization

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Originally published 28 Aug 2023, updated 28 Aug 2023.

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