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Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Layout Attention

22 Jul 2022

Whether it is a hotel, resort,school ,enterprise,shopping mall, all the public area where food is served must have a commercial kitchen. The advanced and easy-to-use kitchen equipment and complete functions are the wishes of major commercial kitchen owners. Good kitchen equipment can not only improve work efficiency, but also make delicious food. Cooking is more delicious, so what should you pay attention to when purchasing commercial kitchen equipments.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing commercial kitchen equipments?Our senior manager Lawrence will analyze the following seven key points:

1. Equipment quality

Because commercial kitchens have been working for a long time, the kitchen environment is poor and most kitchens cannot avoid the adverse effects of water, steam, oil, etc. on the equipment, so when purchasing commercial kitchen equipment, you must choose waterproof, fireproof, high temperature resistance, Anti-corrosion and other good quality kitchen equipment.

2. Equipment stability and performance

Commercial kitchen equipment needs to work for a long time, so the equipment needs to work stably, the output power is constant, the actual output power is consistent with the indicated power of the equipment and the firepower is stable.

3. Equipment manufacturing process

The equipment should be selected to process the integrated molding equipment, which is solid and firm and the material quality of the whole machine is guaranteed and the equipment that is welded and formed should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Practical and convenient

When purchasing commercial kitchen equipments, you should fully consider the actual needs of your kitchen. You should not only pay attention to the appearance of the equipment or must have equipment with particularly powerful functions. The function of the equipment should be based on the principle of practicality and application. According to the long-term planning of its production and operation, clearly The procedures and steps for the addition of various kitchen equipment should meet the design needs of the menu, meet the needs of the operation and scale of production, reduce blindness, eliminate waste and at the same time take into account the convenience of equipment use and maintenance.

5. High cost performance

When choosing commercial kitchen equipments, we should strive to purchase advanced, beautiful, durable and multi-functional brand products at an economical and reasonable investment price, reduce the cost of procurement, installation and use as much as possible and choose equipment with low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency as much as possible.

6. Safety and hygiene

Because kitchen equipment and supplies are related to our health to a large extent, the hygiene, environmental protection and safety of the materials must be guaranteed in the process of choosing kitchen supplies, so as to avoid the entry of germs and cause our physical and mental health. It can also better avoid the occurrence of safety accidents due to unqualified materials.

7. After-sales service

The equipment may have some failures after long-term use. In order to prevent the normal operation of the store from being affected when the equipment fails, maintenance measures need to be taken as soon as possible, so good after-sales service is also very important.

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Originally published 22 Jul 2022, updated 22 Jul 2022.

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