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On-going Kitchen Project —— V Island

12 May 2024

Our latest and ongoing kitchen projects in Maldives tell our story.The owner's representative for the V island project stumbled upon our INEO brand story through Google, sparking our inaugural collaboration on the project. Delving deep into our overseas kitchen engineering projects, particularly those resort developments, heightened their keen interest.The resort is setting to open in the upcoming 2025.Therefore, all construction will proceed in an orderly manner.

On-going Kitchen Project —— V Island

The project is currently in the site construction phase.

Thus commenced our initial meeting with the client, where we showcased our company's 16+ years of project experience and demonstrated our track record of success in similar ventures. Together with the client (the owner), we delved into the concept and planning of the resort project, offering comprehensive advice on commercial kitchen equipment and layout. During our communication with the owners and management, we work on coordinating equipment to make sure the kitchen fits well with all areas, aiming for a perfect cooking setup and excellent service experience.

On-going Kitchen Project —— V Island

Our customer manager, Fiona, is currently presenting the proposal to the clients.

With meticulous equipment coordination and seamless integration, we strived for a flawless culinary environment and top-notch service. The client resonated with our vision and ethos, instilling confidence in our company's prowess and reliability, thereby embarking on this collaborative journey. Tailoring a dining area and kitchen equipment scheme to the resort's style and requirements, we meticulously attended to details and user experience, aligning every aspect with the expectations of owners and management. This shared dedication and professional spirit garnered client recognition, culminating in the successful onset of our partnership.

As the project progresses, the completion of the MEP layout design phase by the client signifies the deepening of our collaboration and the smooth advancement of the engineering endeavor. Working closely with the client, we offer expert advice and support to help materialize their project vision.

On-going Kitchen Project —— V Island

The latest updates on the project site.

Together, we witness the resort's majestic ascent, a journey of professional expertise and shared success. Our commitment to excellence has garnered client approval, laying the foundation for a prosperous partnership. We look forward to continuing this exhilarating project hand in hand with the client!

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Originally published 12 May 2024, updated 12 May 2024.

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