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A Guide of Fine Dining Table Setting

26 Jun 2024

Welcome to a world where every meal is a work of art. We will delve into the intricate world of fine dining table etiquette, where every plate and table setting tell a story of sophistication and grace.

A Guide of Fine Dining Table Setting

Charger plate

Begin by setting a Charger plate at the middle. Charger plate is a plate for decoration, its not meant to hold or obtain any food. All the plates and silverware should be placed a thumb away from the table, this is called base line. Some host prefer to leave the charger plate on the table, and stack every dish on top of the charger plate when served. Others would remove the charger plate after the guests have seated.The Essential Etiquette of Fine Dining Plate Placement.

A Guide of Fine Dining Table Setting

Main Course

A dinner fork and a dinner knife should be on the side of the plate, fork on the left and knife on the right. The knife blade should be turned towards the center of the plate, blade facing the left. Back in the day dinner knifes are very sharp. The polite way to do is to turn the blade away from the guest sitting next to you. Some knife are designed to be able to “stand up” with blade touching the table. This design is no longer popular due to food safety reasons. If the blade touches the table, is not clean anymore to use it to cut into meat or vegetable. Place the dinner knife according to the base line, blade facing towards the plate, vertical 90 degrees. (when the guest is finished with the course, they would place both the fork and the knife inside the dinner plate for the waiter to clear off the table. The waiter would sometimes stack the fork above the knife in order to prevent the knife from slipping off the dinner plate.)

A Guide of Fine Dining Table Setting


Originally published 26 Jun 2024, updated 26 Jun 2024.

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