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Dragon Boat Festival- A traditional Chinese Holiday

06 Jun 2024

The Legend of Qu Yuan and the Dragon Boat Festival

In ancient times, there was a minister named Qu Yuan, a famous patriotic poet in Chinese history. Due to political intrigues, he was exiled to a distant place. In despair, he chose to drown himself in the river as a protest against the corrupt government. Upon hearing of Qu Yuan's sacrifice, people rushed to rescue him in boats, but their efforts were in vain. To prevent fish and shrimp from eating Qu Yuan's body, people threw zongzi into to protect his remains. This is how the tradition of eating zongzi and racing dragon boats during the Dragon Boat Festival originated.In his days of loneliness and despair, Qu Yuan penned numerous lyrical poems expressing his deep love for his country. However, faced with an unchangeable reality, Qu Yuan chose to end his life by plunging into the river, symbolizing his pursuit of loyalty and justice.

Upon Qu Yuan's demise, the masses, upon hearing the news, rushed in boats to rescue him, only to watch helplessly as he drifted away. To prevent fish and shrimp from consuming Qu Yuan's body, people hurriedly threw rice dumplings and food into the river, leading to the tradition of eating zongzi. Each year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, people gather to eat zongzi and race dragon boats to commemorate Qu Yuan and uphold this unique Chinese cultural heritage.

During our company's traditional festival celebration, we will come together on June 8th at the demo kitchen to collectively learn how to make zongzi, experiencing the preparation process and immersing ourselves in the festive atmosphere of a traditional Chinese holiday. Let us enjoy this joyful time, share delicious zongzi, and celebrate the richness of Chinese traditions in a spirit of togetherness and warmth.



Originally published 06 Jun 2024, updated 06 Jun 2024.

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