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Sandwich Shop

Project Catering Type - Sandwich Shop

Sandwich Shop

Project Also known as - Delicatessen (Deli);Sub shop;Sandwich bar.

Project Complete Guide - A sandwich shop is a type of eatery or small restaurant that primarily serves a variety of sandwiches. These shops typically offer a selection of bread, fillings, and condiments allowing customers to customize their sandwich. They are known for their quick service, casual dining atmosphere, and a focus on providing a variety of tasty and convenient sandwich options.

Project Equipment List

  1. Large catering fridge: A spacious and energy-efficient catering fridge is crucial for keeping your ingredients fresh and organized. Look for one made from durable materials that are easy to clean.

  2. Plenty of freezer storage space: While not as large as the fridge, a good freezer with ample space is necessary for storing bread, meats, and other fillings. LED lighting and adjustable shelves are convenient features to look for.

  3. A good quality griddle: To achieve that perfect level of crispiness, invest in a high-quality griddle. Season and oil it before use to prevent sticking and make cleaning a breeze.

  4. An easy-to-clean contact grill: A compact contact grill is ideal for making pressed sandwiches like paninis. It can also be used to toast buns before adding toppings.

  5. Simple stainless steel tables: Stainless steel prep tables are essential for organizing your sandwich-making ingredients. Look for tables that are easy to wipe down and adjustable in height to prevent staff discomfort.

  6. Sandwich Shop
  7. Stackable GN containers: These stackable containers are perfect for storing fresh ingredients and reducing food waste. Stainless steel containers are easy to clean and can be customized to fit your ingredient quantities.

  8. A powerful dough mixer: If you plan on baking your own bread, a powerful dough mixer will save you time and effort. Choose one that can handle large batches of dough and matches your expected baking needs.

  9. Only the best bakery oven: A bakery oven is crucial for baking fresh and crispy bread. Look for one with multiple shelves to maximize your baking capacity and ensure consistent quality.

  10. The sharpest vegetable slicer: Invest in a high-quality vegetable slicer to quickly and efficiently slice fresh vegetables for your sandwiches. Look for one that is easy to use, clean, and offers various cutting options.

  11. The fastest food processor: A quick and powerful food processor will help you efficiently prepare ingredients for your sandwiches. Look for one with dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning.

Sandwich Shop

By equipping your sandwich shop with these essential kitchen equipment, you'll be well-prepared to serve up delicious sandwiches and keep your customers satisfied. Remember to choose durable, easy-to-clean, and energy-efficient options that match your specific needs.

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