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Freezer YRG-Z series

Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

Fault phenomenon Cause Analysis Troubleshooting method
The machine is not running 1. The power socket is not powered on. 1. Check whether the power socket is powered on.
2. The connection point of the power cable is loose. 2. Check whether the connection point of the power cable is loose.
3. There is a problem with the power control switch of the product. 3. Check the power control switch of the product.
4. The capacitor of the product is broken. 4. Check the product capacitor.
Compressor stops running frequently 1. Poor ventilation of the condenser will affect the heat dissipation performance. 1. Check the fan and pay attention to whether the condenser fins and filter are blocked by dirt or have too much dust and remove them in time.
2. The temperature control probe of the thermostat is in the wrong position, too close to the evaporator. 2. The temperature control probe position is farther away.
3. The air outlet in the freezer is blocked by a large amount of ice, which causes the circulation in the cabinet to be unsmooth, the temperature detection probe of the temperature control probe is inaccurate and the compressor automatically stops working. 3. During normal use, it should be noted that the food at the air outlet should not be piled up too high. Do not block the air outlet. Clean up once a month. Our freezers generally have a defrost function. Call up the defrost function on the thermostat to defrost.
The fan is running but the compressor not running 1. The temperature controller fails. If the compressor runs after the two series contacts of the thermostat are short-circuited, it means that the thermostat is out of order and should be replaced.
2. The circuit contacts are loose. Check circuit and reconnect.
Heavy frost 1. The fan under the evaporator is broken 1. See if the fan under the evaporator rotates, it is normally rotating
2. Solenoid valve is broken 2. Press and hold the up button, the defrost light is on and then touch the defrost solenoid valve, it is normal to be hot
3. The kitchen floor is uneven and easy to accumulate water 3. Raise the front two feet by 15mm, so that the water in the water box can flow out more smoothly
4. The water tray under the evaporator is broken, or the water outlet is blocked and the water cannot be drained out (freezer) 4. If the water pan under the evaporator is broken, it needs to be replaced. If the water outlet is blocked, use an iron rod to pass it through.
5. The customer's local environment temperature is too low 5. The automatic defrosting function of the thermostat is set to once every 3 hours and the temperature reaches 2 degrees, etc.
Dripping water inside the cabinet 1. The water pipe from the water tank under the evaporator to the outer water tank is blocked 1. Use an iron rod to pass the water pipe.
2. Hot air enters at the connection between the copper tube and the evaporator 2. Fill the gap with foaming agent (caulk)
3. The door sealant is not tightly sealed 3. Replace the door sealant
Refrigeration does not reach temperature 1. The freezer is too close to the wall and the heat dissipation is not good 1. Make the refrigerator 100mm away from the wall
2. Put it next to the fryer, near the heat source 2. Can not be placed next to the fryer (away from the heat)
3. The condenser cooling motor is broken 3. Check if the condenser fan is rotating
4. The condenser filter or fins are dirty 4. Clean the filter net or condenser fins (clean it every 3 months to see if the oil is heavy)
5. Lack of refrigerant or leakage of refrigerant 5. Charge refrigerant or find copper pipe leaks
6. Poor heat dissipation causes the compressor temperature to be too high to enter shutdown protection 6. Shut down for 1 hour and then restart
The temperature is 17 degrees, can not continue to cool down, check the condenser fan and compressor are working normally. 1. Poor heat dissipation causes the compressor temperature to be too high to enter shutdown protection 1. It can be restarted after stopping for 1 hour and then observe whether the temperature can be lowered within half an hour. If no, it is the problem of less refrigerant
2. Less or leaking snow 2. Maintenance personnel are required to check whether there is less or leaking refrigerant
The machine makes a lot of noise 1. The noise comes from the condenser, as there is too much dust on the condenser filter and the operation is not smooth 1. Take out the dust filter on the condenser and rinse it with water
2. Compressor problem (generally listening to the sound can tell whether the compressor is a problem) 2. Check the compressor

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Model: YRG-Z series

Originally published 08 Aug 2022, updated 08 Aug 2022.

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