Upright Glass Display Refrigerator YBD-D009

Upright Glass Display Refrigerator YBD-D009

Material:stainless steel


Power Supply:Gas ( Natural Gas or LPG )

Power (KW):0.21

Cooling Type:Air cooling



Temperature Setting:2-8℃


Packing Size (mm):670*680*2070

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Standard Features

The surface of the whole body of the equipment is sprayed;

The internal space of the equipment is 318L;

The equipment is equipped with 4 layers to facilitate the sorting and storage of items;

The bottom of the equipment is equipped with 4 wheels to facilitate mobile operations;

The glass door of the equipment adopts double-layer hollow glass with anti-fog facilities;

Adopt long strip heat dissipation hole design, higher heat dissipation efficiency;

Cyclopentane foaming material is used to thicken the foaming layer, and the thermal insulation performance is better;


Built-in evaporator, fully enclosed refrigeration system, long service life;

Adopt domestic famous brand compressor, low noise and low power consumption;

Air-cooled refrigeration system is adopted, and the temperature difference inside the equipment is controlled at 1-2℃;

Excellent refrigeration system, the temperature is controlled at 2-10℃;

Using R134a refrigerant, more environmentally friendly;

The equipment needs to be used in an environment of 5-35癈, and at the same time pay attention to the heat dissipation of the equipment, improve the cooling capacity of the equipment and save electricity;

Optional Features

The wheels at the bottom of the device can be replaced with bullet feet

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