Positive Feedback From Botswana
5/19/2017  |  Customer Feedback

Customer: Senior Merchants Botswana
Add: Plot No. 6578,Mall,Selebi Phikwe, Botswana

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GAST Entertainment Mall Project in Ethiopia
1/6/2017  |  Company News

Project: GAST Entertainment Mall
Style : Cinema & Entertainment Mall & Restaurant 
City : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Budget: $120,000

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Thanks for a greatest spiritual cleansing given by Mr. Woo
3/18/2016  |  Company News

For the grace of God, a wise and keen senior called Mr. Woo Qingxu, was kindly accepted our sincere invitation to visit our company for offering guidance and training. You must want to know, who is he? Why he could be invited here? And what shinning point does he have? My dear friend, take it easy, please listen to me!

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The Quality of Our Product Was Passed the Test Offered by Nisbets
12/23/2015  |  Company News

Good news! One of our products, Ceramic Contact Grill Single Head was passed the professional test offered by Nisbets. Nisbets established in 1983 on the basic principle of high quality catering equipment affordably priced. Today Nisbets products cover everything from refrigeration to pastry, cooking machines to knives, and everything in between. 


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The Commendation Meeting in the Middle of This Year
8/4/2015  |  Company News

Blink of an eye, more than a half year have been passed by to enter in August, in this middle time, we were asked to gather together in this morning to have a brief commendation meeting.

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