One more new review getting from a Georgian customer, he is a very active person who is willing to share what his real feeling and experience by message feedback. This time, he tell us all the bakery equipment are still in good using with high-level quality, and he would like to recommend INEO to his friends and customers.

To be frankly, it’s moved when receive his first message on FB, because we never contact with each other before. I guess our page must be searched on FB by himself or he clicked our FB address enclosed by business email. Certainly, if something you’re not care, you won’t waste any of minute on it, unless it’s really worth sharing. So we are really grateful to what he do for us, and I still remember his words, he said he love our company because INEO is one big family for him.

In this time, he asked for update catalogue and wants to post his visiting picture in INEO to our FB page, and then he could share his purchasing experience with his friends and customers.