Many customers who visited our company always asked us why we put INEO as our brand,and what does it mean INEO? Our CEO Mr. Cristi likes to tell you his story about INEO.

Cristi lived in Romania, a East European country for business from 1995 to 2008. Cristi is a Romania name, from Christ in English.Even though now he is still non-Christian, in his mind ,like Benjamin Franklin, he also wants to learn the good virtue from Jesus Christ ,doing all his best to help those in need.

In Feb., 2002, Cristi wanted to set up a new company in Romania, and what name is suitable for the new company? He got a headache on thinking about that. At that time, his second son Jiaxi was just born several months, and the first boy Jiachen was 4 years old. So his wife Hou Jianbo, and him, You Wenxue, his full Chinese name, lived a very happy life in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Cristi loved his family so much, and he devoted his life to this simple small family, so he wanted to invent a name to memorize his family. An inspiration came in his mind suddenly, he found if he put the last letter from the name of every family member from young to old would be: I N E O, and it sounds good. As per Romanian pronunciation, INEO is pronounced [ineu]. (By the way, His wife is a little bit older than him, this is secret, we should keep it for him. )

Member Chinese Name Last letter Combination
His Wife Hou Jianbo O
Cristi You Wenxue E
First Boy You Jiachen N
Second Boy You Jiaxi I

 We could not say INEO is an ambitious brand, its just a simple brand created by a business man who is telling everybody how much he loves his family and telling everybody he is trying his best in search of a better life for his family. Furthermore, his soul was still connecting with Chinese even though he was living in Romania that time, that’s why he picked the Chinese letter.

But nowadays, along with new members joining, we are giving INEO another interpretation:

I Integrity
N Nactive
E Energetic
O Optimistic

 What we did , what we are doing and what we will do is: Be integrity, nactive, energetic and do optimistically to fulfill our mission: Let your restaurant start easier !

In the future, INEO will have more and more agents from all over the world to join us, we trust it can make us all unite and provide those with good support on running restaurant by our experience.