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Welcome to visit our successful cases in kitchen project, we’ve solved a lot of troubles for commercial kitchen projects around the world. All the projects we’ve done include hotel, restaurant, canteen, snack bar, fast-food restaurant, bakery, café, government institution, supermarket and wedding hall, resort, etc. If you are deep in trouble on how to prepare/start your kitchen project now, please email us( directly to get everything you want to know. Or you can leave message to us, we will offer you customized solutions for your kitchen according to your requirement.

4 Star Amari Hotel In Laos

Project:4 Star Amari Hotel

Style: Asia and Laos style

City:Vang Vieng, Laos

Budget:around 120000 usd


Pitaghetti Restaurant in Canada

Project: Pitaghetti Restaurant in Canada
Style : Restaurant
Web :
City : Edmonton,Canada
Add: 11203 Jasper Avenue,Edmonton, AB,T5K0L5, Canada
Budget: 35,000 USD
Time: 2016.4

Buffalo Dairy in Laos

Project: Buffalo Dairy in Laos
Style : Buffalo Dairy Shop
City : Luang Prabang
Add: Laos
Budget: 22,000 USD
Time: 2017.1

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