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How To

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Do you know how to clean stove and oven correctly?

Your stove or oven hob can easily get dirty from spillages and bits of food. The stains left over can be hard to remove and sometimes require specialist cleaning sprays to help. The following steps and tips may apply when cleaning your stove and oven.

How to Clean Commercial Range Hood

The range hood over your stove in your kitchen can become caked in dirt and grease buildup overtime. So, here I would like to show you some tips on how to clean and degrease your exhaust hood by only a few easy steps! 

How to start a new restaurant

According to research, the sales of restaurant industry are predicted can reach $537 billion a year. Owning a restaurant can be very rewarding, but not every restaurant can earn profit. Opening a restaurant is not as easy as you imagine. You need hire manager and employees and give them training so that you dont lose your profits and/or your business. Before you open your own restaurant there are many aspects that need to be addressed to avoid failure.

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