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How To

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All kitchen equipment maintenance plan and measures

Maintenance Plan

1. Check every connection of the equipment monthly, to make sure the plugs and sockets are firmly fixed.

2. Every 15 days, remember to measure the inside temperature of oven, also clean inner wall and fan blades. In addition, check the oven chain regularly.

3. Clean out the dirt stuck on stoves and burner every 15 days.
4. Check the tank of fryer good or not monthly, and keep timely clean to remain its sensitivity.
5. Check the thermostat of grill and keep clean once a month

How to Choose Stoves Between Gas & Electric

Its been a long-standing legend that "real" cooks use gas-powered stoves. But before you go empty your appliance budget on a new one, you might want to consider if an electric stove better suits your needs. The truth is that gas and electric stoves each have their own selling points, and its up to you to decide which best suits your needs. Heres a handy list to decide what’s right for your kitchen:

How to choose suitable equipment for laundry?

What laundry equipment chosen for your laundry is a very essential part, but lots of customers do not know clearly what kind of equipment in the market is suitable for your laundry. Now I would like to introduce some solutions for different kinds of laundry.

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