Top Coffee Trends of 2019

Coffee is a fundamental part of food culture in the United States and around the world, and it’s especially prevalent in foodservice. Over the past few years, the coffee industry has changed drastically for a variety of reasons. As a foodservice operator or restaurant owner, it’s important to stay ahead of new trends so you can capitalize on what’s new and popular. Here are some general trends that we’ve noticed in the coffee industry as well as some specific things to look out for in 2019.

Chicky Restaurant in Madagascar

Project: Chicky Restaurant in Madagascar
Style : Fast-food Restaurant
City :  Tamatave,Madagascar
Budget: 12,000USD
Time: 2017-9
Total area of the kitchen: 23m2

Diaco Palace Hotel In Iran

 Project:  Diaco Palace Hotel In Iran
Style :  Hotel
City: Kish island,Iran
Budget: 140,000 USD
Time:   2018-3
Total area of the kitchen: 300m2

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