Commercial Gas Tilting Braising Pan YWK-J230

Commercial Gas Tilting Braising Pan YWK-J230

Material:Stainless Steel

Power Supply:Gas ( Natural Gas or LPG )

Power (KW):18(BTU:61416)



Packing Size (mm):870*970*1070

Net Weight (KG):140

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Standard Features

This product is multifuntional and can be used for frying, stir frying, cooking steak and braising, which means that it has extremely high price-performance ratio.

The body is made of 304 stainless steel and decorated with cast iron flue trims.

The pan is made of SS444 stainless steel with a bottom made of stainless steel plate to ensure the corrosion resistance of the pan and even heat conduction.

It adopts titling pan design to help users remove the food inside the pan.

Automatic temperature setting with a temperature range of 60-300℃.

Equipped with safety thermostats, the cooker's maximum temperature is 340℃ to ensure safety.

The pan can be lifted and turned upside down. Lifting the pan annually can accurately control the lifting height.

The bottom of the pan adopts curved design to make sure it can be completely cleaned and make it easy to clean the residues in the pan.

The equipment is equipped with taps for flushing.


High quality large power output burner with steel tube can offers high heat efficiency.

The pan provides such functions as pressure indicator.pressure relief through safety valves and safety thermostats.

It utilizes the high temperature steam from the inter layer to cook food.

Low power consumption and quick heating.

Optional Features

Energy pipeline gas, natural gas or LPG

Gas or electric with electronic continuous spark ignition

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