ISLAND HOOD Customizations 1

ISLAND HOOD Customizations 1

Material:Stainless Steel

Dimension (mm):1000*300*280

Packing Size (mm):1020*320*300

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Standard Features

Product highly customizable, meet the different needs of customers (material, thickness, size, shape size customization)

Made of all stainless steel, strong pressure resistance and not easy to deform

Strong corrosion resistance to meet the needs of different usage

All stainless steel materials are in line with international standards

Equipment adopts all-welding technology with strong sealing

Top of the equipment is designed with a stainless steel U-shaped lifting ring, and the lifting ring is fixed by screw and nut, which is simple and convenient to install, safe and firm (screw and nut are optional accessories)

Equipment equipped with internal lighting

Equipment is suitable for exhausting smoke in the central area of the kitchen

Equipment adopts fresh air design, which can effectively balance the internal and external air pressure and reduce the kitchen temperature

Optional Features

Screws and nuts

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